Have you or your mom or dad suffered the effects of poor care in a Nursing Home run by Extendicare, Revera, Leisureworld or Sienna?

If you have, then contact us to find out if we can help you. You may be able to join a class action or a mass tort against these homes, possibly entitling you to damages under one of these proceedings. Contact us by filling out the online form or by calling 1(877) 506-NHAC.

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Bedsores, Neglected and Starved Residents.... The Time for Justice is Now.

The Nursing Home Action Coalition is a team of veteran, medical malpractice lawyers, who have come together in an effort to improve care for nursing home residents across Canada.

Recent media headlines have illustrated the need for tough advocacy on behalf of this underrepresented segment of our society.

The powerhouse law firms of Diamond and Diamond, Oakley & Oakley and Howie, Sacks & Henry are there to help those who have experienced poor care, negligence or abuse in Extendicare, Leisurewold, Sienna and Revera nursing home facilities.

We will review every case to establish the types of damages, including pain and suffering, negligence, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, etc., to determine what compensation each Plaintiff may be entitled to receive.

The Nursing Home Action Coalition is a combined effort including the following firms:

Enough is Enough

The CEOs and high level executives of these corporations continue to make extraordinary salaries despite care delivered to vulnerable Nursing Home residents, which illustrates apathy and negligence.

Given the amount of money that the senior management teams are paid, at these nursing home corporations, the NHAC believes that the failure to deliver competent, safe, quality care to dependent residents is far from a resource issue. There are millions and millions of dollars available, paid from the public purse, but the money is going into CEO salaries instead of resident care. Patients are being given a backseat to coporate profits. These organizations have a fiduciary responsibility to those who entrust them with their health and safety, and are in the most vulnerable period of their lives.

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Am I Eligible?

Leisureworld, Extendicare and Revera, all operate under a number of different legal names such as Sienna Senior Living, CVH No, 1, 2 or 3, Vigour and a lot of other names and entities.

NHAC thinks that governments should not allow this to be the case, since tax payers have a right to see where their tax dollars going.

However, in the meantime until governments act to clear up the confusion, if you are unsure if you or your loved ones are a member of this class, give us a call or send us an email and we can do some research for you to determine if the Nursing Home in question is one of the homes named in one of our class actions.

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